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Mathematica is a multidisciplinary software, and all-purpose mathematical software package, for doing symbolic math, numerical calculations, graphics, programming, documenting and displaying work.

About Mathematica 9 
We have just released Mathematica 9, and I wanted to let you know how you can take advantage of all of the great new features and functionality.
Mathematica 9 users have already told me that some of the most compelling features for them have been the social network analysis functionality, built-in integration with R, expanded statistical functionality (i.e. Markov chains, stochastic differential equations, and time series), and systemwide support for units. They are also extremely excited to begin using the new Predictive Interface feature, which provides suggestions for "next steps" with your calculations and makes it even easier for users to navigate and discover useful Mathematica functionality.
For a fuller description of new technologies, ideas, and directions from the creator of Mathematica, see CEO Stephen Wolfram's blog post
Tonya Geese
International Business Development Executive
Wolfram Research, Inc.

Mathematica is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Who can get it 

Licenses are available to all departments and schools, faculty, staff and students of all nine UNIVALLE campuses (Buga, Caicedonia, Cartago, Norte del Cauca, Pacífico, Palmira, Tuluá, Yumbo, Zarzal and campuses in Cali, Meléndez and San Fernando), including personal computers.

How to get it 
  1. Download and install the software from Wolfram Research.
  2. Follow instructions on the Wolfram Activation Key Request Form to request an activation key, which will be emailed to you.

If you need an activation key, you can go to:

  • ¿Do you need to activate manually? You can use a direct link to the Password Generator Form.
  • NEW! : ¿Do you need to reactivate or move your Mathematica 9 installation to another system or CPU? You can now complete a System Transfer Online. After the request is validated, the key will be extended.

  • Important

    These Activation keys will be available for those who have an email address in the domain correounivalle.edu.co.

    Resources and Documentation 
    1. Search for functions, topics, examples, tutorials... from Reference at Wolfram Research
    2. Free .pdf's than can be printed and bound onsite or they can be purchased, from Tutorial Collection
      (The tutorial collection is downloadable as a PDF files, but it has not yet been fully updated for Mathematica version 9 - at this time Wolfram have no definite timeframe as to when the tutorial collection will be completed for this version. Question: The tutorial collection is for version 9?...Answer: The web page states that; "The collection is intended for use with Version 7 and later". so yes the collection is for version 9.)
    3. For Administrators: Site Program Support and Administrator Website
    4. What's new in Mathematica: Mathematica Quick Revision History
    5. General (and more...) Mathematica Courses at Mathematica Wolfram Training and Education Courses
    6. More resources at Wolfram Research
    7. NEW! : VIDEO - Curso práctico de introducción a Mathematica in Spanish
    8. NEW! : Particular and common tasks with Mathematica at Wolfram How to(s) Topics
    9. NEW! : Online course by an spanish teacher on youtube.com at Curso de Mathematica en su versión 10. Aplicaciones a temas variados de matemáticas, desde la escuela secundaria a algunos temas universitarios. by Jose Luis Tabara Carbajo

    Questions and tech support problems can be e-mailed to support@wolfram.com. Periodic hands-on workshops are available for those new to the software at Wolfram's site.